You chose the best time possible! And the numbers are still growing (with no perspectives to change this trend). As a result, streaming platforms are becoming more and more popular.

Below, you will find helpful information on how to make your stream more appealing to your audience. And if you need more, you can always check out our previous articles with streaming tips and tricks for beginners on how to make more money streaming, or how to promote your stream.

Things First: Be Confident in Your Setup.

Having a good, reliable setup is the first step in the streaming process. You can still find decent hardware for a medium or small budget. At least to the point where you start earning some money.

Hardware Is Important, but So Is Software.

You want to know which software to use and what features it has. The most popular one is OBS and you can find many tutorials that can help you get familiar with it. Why do so many people use it?

And What About the Platform?

Twitch was the only reliable platform for live streaming a few years ago, but times they are a-changin’. Nowadays, people can choose between a variety of them. To be honest, only some of them are not worth thinking about.

You don’t have to choose only one live streaming platform. Platforms like Restream allow you to stream on multiple platforms at once..

Double-Check Everything Before You Start.

When you stream, you have many open programs and a few pieces of hardware that have to work simultaneously. It can prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes that may even cost you your audience.

Find Your Niche.

One of the best streaming tips for beginners– find your niche. It can be tough to grow if you want to do only that. Choose something and stick with it.

Be Sure, Talkative and Confident.

Streaming is not only gaming. You have to do things that will engage your audience and let you grow.

Promote, Promote, and Promote.

Social media are an excellent tool to help you find new audiences and keep your existing ones loyal to you. Give updates about your streaming schedule, ask questions, write fun facts about yourself. 1-3 times per day is perfectly enough.

Streaming is a fascinating hobby that can be easily monetised, but remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. At first, you probably won’t have a buttload of viewers, but they will come in no time with the right attitude. Whe hope that our streaming tips for beginners will help you in your streaming career!