Why should your label get on TikTok?

TikTok customers invested $2.5 billion on the system in 2021, depending on to SensorTower– greater than on every other application. Application Annie anticipates investing will certainly quickly outperform $3 billion..

These bodies highlight the simple fact that TikTok consumers are actually normally interacted along with social buying, although it is actually certainly not a shopping system. Some 67% of consumers state they are actually encouraged to go shopping on TikTok also when they weren’t preparing to accomplish thus..

TikTok investigation right into consumer actions presents that 37% of individuals find an item and also instantly desire to buy it. Virtually a 3rd have actually shopped one thing merely to discover it was actually sold out..

The Nyc Moments called this craving to acquire one thing the “TikTok Feta Impact,” after a popular dish for cooked feta spaghetti caused celebrity selling out nationwide in the U.S. The TikTok buying craze even has its own viral hashtag: #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This hashtag has become a one-stop TikTok shop for the wonderful and weird products ecommerce businesses sell on the platform, with over 20 billion views and counting.

The benefits of TikTok for ecommerce brands don’t end and start with a sale. Parent company ByteDance sees the path to purchase as an infinite loop:.

People discover, consider, and buy products, then post about their purchases and spread awareness. TikTok’s engagement powers are second to none. Users spend on average 10.85 minutes per session on the app– more than double Pinterest and triple the time spent on Instagram..

The extended time spent makes TikTok fertile ground for establishing meaningful relationships with users..

Is it just kids and Gen Z scrolling and buying on the app?.

TikTok’s user demographic is broader than commonly thought. A quarter of its users fall in the 10– 19 category, but over 60% is fairly evenly split between users in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. The remaining 11% of the user base is over 50..

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, there’s a sizable audience to grow your business, whatever your target demographic..

How to use TikTok to grow your brand.

TikTok is built on discovering fresh content. Its For You Page (” FYP”), TikTok’s version of the home feed on Twitter or Facebook, is an infinite video stream. These videos are personalized based on past interactions and predictions about what users engage with most..

In this way, TikTok’s feed is similar to the suggested content that other social media platforms serve up. It stands out on its potential for getting content seen; your number of followers doesn’t limit your visibility..

In other words, if your content is engaging, you stand as much chance of going viral as any major brand with millions of followers..

After initially promoting her range of scrunchies on Instagram, Enchanted Scrunch founder Dasha Derkach started posting on TikTok..

Her first video about starting a business got 15K views, which resulted in 10 orders. From there, views increased for each video powering the channel to get over three million likes.

TikTok now accounts for 90% of the brand’s sales, helping it grow from small business to six-figure company with over 182k followers. To tap into this viral potential and acquire customers, your videos need to land on your audience’s FYP. Here are some tactics to help you gain traction.

Above all else, make entertaining videos.

GWI research into how people use social media revealed that the majority of people mainly use TikTok to find entertaining content (i.e. content receivers). This sets the app apart from Instagram and Snapchat, which people mainly use to post their own content..

The question to ask yourself is: What does my audience find entertaining?

Look at your customer data. Which type of content gets the most engagement on other social networks? What problems does your audience look to you to solve?

Next, look at how your competition engages their audiences on TikTok..

How long are their videos? Research from Invideo shows that short videos of 15 seconds or less have an average watch time of over 90%. This decreases as the video gets longer, with 30 seconds clips receiving a 50– 60% average watch time..

This isn’t to say longer videos are worthless. TikTok reports that videos over one minute receive over five billion views. Examine what’s working in your industry and split test different types of content and video lengths to see what resonates.

Research will help you establish a niche and style that you can use to create familiarity. It will also help you hone in on a specific audience. Noble Leather Co. has become known for its entertaining ASMR content by creating content around the #OddlySatisfying trend..

Find trending hashtags.

When users engage with videos that have certain hashtags, TikTok populates their FYP with similar content..

TikTok’s Discover page gives an overview of what’s trending on the platform. Cross-reference trending hashtags with topics that interest your audience.