SoundCloud is a free music streaming platform created by musicians, for musicians. The importance of this platform has grown during the global pandemic. Fans, as well as artists, are flocking to it.

Because it is the medium music bloggers prefer for PR purposes, we love SoundCloud at Cyber PR. Right here are our greatest treasures of advise for just how you may be utilizing this system to your benefit in the course of this moment. Which our company are actually recognized to reveal is actually being actually financed through Hypebot as well as Bandsintown for Performers

Maximize Your SoundCloud Profile Page.

A lot of musicians have actually certainly not put in the time to effectively do this. Ensure that your SoundCloud profile page is actually totally filled in along with a header, detailed biography, links to albums, singles and socials, and also art work. You can easily make a fascinating header for your account making use of Canva

Maximize Your Rails.

Constantly feature your verses. If you do not understand exactly how to perform this, our experts possess a substantial 3-part blog post on the Cyber public relations Popular music site that will definitely stroll you with.

Usage SoundCloud to Earn Money.

SoundCloud has actually lately included brand new straight assistance links therefore enthusiasts may offer you loan or even give away to your crowdfunding initiative as well as they will not take a charge. You can easily hook up to Paypal, Shopify, Patreon, Bandcamp,, Kickstarter, or even GoFundMe.

Launch a Totally Free or even Spend What You Preferred Quarantine EP.

Enthusiasts adore to reveal their assistance. Permitting all of them to carry out thus through delivering a wages what you would certainly as if choice is actually an excellent technique to give your popular music along with a paid out possibility

Notification Your Frequent Audiences and also Kind Deeper Bonds.

This will start new relationships with fans, as well as strengthen connections that are already there. If you didn’t notice, you can’t message your listeners on Spotify, so this is a great opportunity to connect with fans you know are actually listening. If you decide to splurge for SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited, you can see your analytics on the Stats tab to find out who your most frequent listeners are.

Popular Music Blog Writers Choose SoundCloud.

If you are trying to get PR, SoundCloud is still the industry standard for pitching to and posting on music blogs. Soundcloud doesn’t make you login to stream tracks like Spotify does, so music bloggers like it because there is no barrier to entry.

Create SoundCloud #s Just Before You Sound.

Inquire your followers to find stream to acquire some plays onto your profile page. Set that track or album to private if you are going to pitch for a premiere

Ensure You Recognize Just How to Develop and also Discuss Exclusive SoundCloud Links.

SoundCloud enables you to make and share private SoundCloud links which you can share in advance for media and industry consideration. Here’s how

Promote your SoundCloud on Social Media.

The first thing you want to do is promote your SoundCloud page in your newsletter and on other socials. Rounding up fans who are already engaged is always easier than recruiting completely new fans, so it’s best to start where you already have a following.

Plug your SoundCloud page in a status on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like So:.

” We are now on SoundCloud! Click the link to stream our entire catalogue of releases. Every follow is appreciated!”.

” Have you checked out our SoundCloud page?”.

You can also link your SoundCloud page to multiple sections on each social network for people who might have missed the status update.

Facebook: Link to your SoundCloud in the “about” section of your profile.

Twitter: Put a link in your bio, or link to it in the “website” section of your profile.

Instagram: Take a screenshot of your page and put a link in your link.tree. If a screenshot doesn’t fit your aesthetic, try a funny graphic, if funny isn’t your thing try any graphic.

Like So: Follow other independent artists similar to yourself with comparable followings to your own.

Give them a follow, heart their tracks, leave engaging and positive comments. Not only will it make their day, but they will more than likely be happy to return the favor and you might even strike up a relationship for future collaborations.