Youtube is the most popular platform for video on various topics. At least 10 million brand-new videos from all over the world appear on it every day. Lots of monetize their channels by earning money for views, private advertisements, or affiliate ads. The concern remains– how much cash do youtubers make? And our article will address on that concern!

How much cash do youtubers make

How much cash do youtubers make per view and how much cash do youtubers make in a year?
The quantity of moeny which Youtuber will get will depend upon the variety of channel customers and video views. Youtube has its own money making system (direct affiliate program) and for 1000 views the owner of the channel can receive from 1 to 7 dollars. The channel needs to have the next criteria for getting monetized from Youtube side:

Have a channel with 1,000 or more customers.
Have at least 4,000 content views in the last year.
Likewise on YouTube there is a multi-channel affiliate program, whose participants can get as much as 25% of advertisers’ payment. Such a large commission is compensated by an easier method to withdraw cash and additional promotion systems.

The cost of making on an affiliate program depends upon such elements:

audience places– views from some audiences are more costly;
the variety of advertisement impressions, which is counted only after enjoying the video for a minimum of 30 seconds;
the expense of the advertisement and its format;
watch hours on video;
video quality and topic.
You can see the income figures in your individual affiliate program account.

If we talk about numbers, then popular blog writers can receive about 1500-5000 dollars and more in one month. However it really depends upon the channel.

How much do other users make on YouTube?

Not just blog writers can receive money on Youtube. Even if you don’t have your own channel, you can finish tasks by getting cash for enjoying videos, likes or remarks. To do this, you need to get a task on special sites after registration. For one action you can get a number of cents.

If you know Photoshop or how to modify videos, you can offer paid services to blog writers. In such professions, the starting rate of profits could differ however normally begins for $50-150 and more for one task. Advanced experts can earn from 1000 dollars a month or more.

Therefore, on the website, everyone can make some cash if they want. The main thing is to take the primary step.