Twitch was the only game streaming platform in town a few years ago. Times have changed, and Twitch no longer has a streaming monopoly.

This leaves many streamers with the question– which platform is better? Especially when both platforms have their advantages.

Stream on Twitch vs. YouTube.

Twitch was actually regularly a system indicated for online streaming. And also YouTube came to be prominent as a video recording discussing site. Allow’s have a look at your options on each systems:.

Twitch is still the biggest live streaming platform in the world. On Twitch, viewers will find streamers based on the category they are interested in. This makes it much easier for small streamers to grow an organic audience than on YouTube.

YouTube’s algorithms are not the best when it comes to live streaming. YouTube has more features that can make things better for your existing fans like clips or subs-only chats.

Stream Monetisation.

You will have to depend on the pre-existing options available on platforms. Unless you know how to get sponsors as a streamer.

As for small, active streamers, Twitch takes 50% of sub revenue, and YouTube only 30%. On the other hand Twitch restrictions are lower than YouTube’s. Some people also claim that becoming a Twitch partner is easier.

Stream Growth.

They will probably say YouTube when you ask your fellow streamers which platform makes it easier to grow your channel playing popular games. When playing GTA V on Twitch you have huge competition and it is likely that your stream will be lost. On YouTube, you can make many short videos that cover specific topics surrounding your game and advertise your stream..

YouTube will most likely push it more and bring you more interested people if people like your content. Another advantage is that you can watch it day or night, not only during a live stream. It is up to you to decide which way will work better for you.

Streaming Rules.

Both platforms have much different rules when it comes to content. Twitch is known in the community for banning people without a warning.

Many female streamers complain that Twitch is allowing some sexualised content in special cases. While actual gaming streamers are being banned for their choice of clothing. In opposition, YouTube is far more lenient and has a three-strike system so you are never banned out of nowhere..

As you can see it is very hard to choose which platform is better as it mainly depends on your content and schedule. There are many ways to stream on both platforms simultaneously, or you can always choose to match and mix.