Here are examples of the most solid options for dispersing your message to your target demographics through TikTok marketing.

 In-feed ads

In-feed ads are the traditional method of getting your brand out there. Like a banner in a newspaper or an ad on TV, you can pay to have your message put on people’s screens.. Because it guarantees exposure to your chosen demographic, this is a good tactic. It does cost money, and people might feel negative about your brand breaking up users’ experiences.. You can’t yet utilize keywords for Tiktok ad content. A cool trick you can use for your ads is to have your content appear in the “search” section, above the “what others search for.”. This effectively does what properly tuned keyword placement does: It puts your brand on your target audience’s feeds.. And now that you’ve got your brand’s image in front of the right person in the right place, you need to get the content. If it’s a generic “please buy” piece, people will ignore it like traditional advertising that is distracting them from their in-app experience.. The trick is to make content about how to solve problems your target audience has or how they can achieve their goal. Once you’ve then caught their attention with that, you direct them with a CTA to your landing page, where they can fulfill what they were searching for in the first place.

Influencer marketing.

Influencers are all over the internet, and no place more than on TikTok. You can collaborate with popular content creators on TikTok to use or endorse your products.. Of course, the more sincere and authentic the collaboration, the better because a transparent paid promotion is a hollow promotion.. Suppose you can collaborate with an influencer with knowledge, experience, or a consumer tie to what you do. In that case, it will bust an association with trust between their followers and your brand.. This is where a high-quality landing page is essential to secure the sale after they’ve followed the sponsor’s link.  

Branded content. Lots of brands have their own TikTok channels, from Apple Music to Chipotle, The Washington Post, and ESPN.. You can give your brand an exciting voice and an energetic personality. Make sure to respect the spirit of the platform. It’s a short-form content platform meant to be homemade, retractable, and conversational.. Here we have humorous content that addresses our target audience’s problems in a funny and relatable way, providing the solution as the subtext.


As we said before, hashtags matter. Of course, add relevant hashtags to your content consistently. You’re also going to want to make your own.