Step # 1: That perform you prefer?

The 1st step is actually important, as well as however often I observe folks plow ahead without a very clear understanding of precisely the sort of individual they desire on their e-mail checklist.

Without a detailed and clear understanding of that you really want, you can not craft an information that reverberates definitely adequate to trigger passion and also get count on.

What our company instruct right here at Copyblogger can entice your regular “get rich simple” organization chance kind.

Instead, our message is positioned squarely against that type of person, and aimed at people who are willing to put in the effort.

Make the effort to determine that you definitely prefer on your listing in regards to your best objective, which is actually most likely to become relocating good enough of your customers to clients or customers.

And only then will you know how to “speak their language” with your opt-in copy.

Step # 2: What do you want them to do?

Your email opt-in page has one goal– to get people to sign up to your email list.

Every word and element of the page should support that single action. Lose it if it doesn’t.

That means lose your typical sidebar.

That means lose those links in your copy.

In many cases, that means creating a page so focused on the opt-in that you take an approach that’s different from your normal site design.

One page, one action. That’s it.

Step # 3: What are the essential elements?

No exceptions, you absolutely must have:

The headline: You’ve got to instantly catch attention with your headline.

The benefits: You’ve got to persuade by teasing, usually with fascinating bullet points.

The call to action: You’ve got to expressly tell people to sign up.

The opt-in form: You’ve got to have a way for them to sign up.

You might also need number 5 …

The Proof: In this case, proof should be of the social kind. Number of subscribers, subscriber testimonials, reviews, media mentions, etc.

Whether or not you need to add in proof on your email opt-in page depends on a number of criteria, including the strength of your brand and the traffic source.

If you’re driving existing blog subscribers to a focused email list, your good reputation (hopefully) precedes you. You likely have no reputation on your side and you’ll need everything you’ve got if you’re running ads to drive traffic.

Step # 4: What incentive should you give?

It’s always been a smart tactic to offer an up-front incentive, or “ethical bribe” to convince people to sign up for your list.

This could be a free report, ebook, audio lesson, video, or another instant-gratification freebie.

In many markets, this strategy still works just fine. In others, you’ll face savvy subscribers who snag your incentive with an alternate “trash” email address, or simply unsubscribe immediately.

The better approach is to focus the incentive on staying subscribed.

Offer that report over time as a series of emails in an automated sequence, break the video or audio into parts, and always entice subscribers with what’s coming next.

The key is for people to realize that you’re giving more than you’re taking (pitching), and they’ll happily stay with you much longer.

Step # 5: How long should your copy be?

Same as it ever was: As long as necessary, and no longer.

In the case of an opt-in page, the essentials have to be there– headline, benefits, and call to action.

Going back to Step # 1, a bit more copy will help you better target the exact type of person you want on your list.

You could start with your positioning before stating benefits, present the sign-up form, and then provide more copy– including testimonials– for people who want more information.

And don’t forget to reassure people that you respect their privacy.