Example of our work:

Our task this time was to develop a internal system and personal account interface for the site which make a SEO-marketing. We were entrusted with the full development of the functionality of a personal account, namely: functioning and setting up a profile, creating all the necessary pages to receive requests from customers, a support service window, optimizing a database, and much more.
The work was completed in less than two weeks, during which the internal component of the site was completely created, the security system was adjusted and all the main scripts were configured. Then another day was spent on full testing of the system. The client was very pleased with the work done. After making several adjustments, a very complex technically site was completely ready for work in just 2 weeks.

Customer feedback on our work:

“We are very pleased with the result. The team always responded within 10-15 minutes and all our edits and improvements were made along the way. A lot of work was done, which not everyone would have done. But Stergo Media achieve A +.”


We have been working in the online web-development market for many years, and we know exactly how to develop your website. We help with making any kind of websites or web-elements (toolbar, dashboard, schema, quotas, and others) on any coding language and framework.


April 17th, 2021


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Types of offered work:

Any type of web-development on any language and framework.